Brief Brings Relief!

Most people seek out therapy when they are at their lowest points and things seem overwhelming and impossible.  Because life is hectic and demanding, it's important to start seeing results as soon as possible!  That's why we specialize in Brief therapies: we want our clients to feel better and notice improvements right away, even when there are deeply rooted problems.

Our team was introduced to Brief therapy approaches at different points in our careers. And when it happened, it was game-changing for us and our clients! The powerful evidence-based therapies we use can give you relief from your emotional pain and suffering, even in your very FIRST session! Brief does NOT mean going fast—we just tend to get lasting results faster because of the types of conversations and questions we ask.

What’s the difference between traditional problem-focused approaches and the Brief approaches we’re talking about?

Brief approaches like Solution-Focused Therapy and Narrative Therapy do NOT spend tons of time focusing on the "ins and outs" of the problem that brings you to therapy.  Now don’t get us wrong, we’re not ignoring the problem or minimizing it. That would be bad therapy! Instead, we’ll hear your story and listen very carefully for:

  • What you truly want and why this is important to you
  • How your life will change/differ when you get what you want/need
  • Times when you stood up to the problem (even a little bit)
  • Times when the problem has been less bothersome, and what part you played in making this happen
  • Your strengths, values, and abilities—even ones that have been forgotten and need a little dusting off
  • How you want to show up in your life
  • Who you really are, separate from the problem


We’re sure you will agree, these kinds of conversations are more uplifting and hopeful. When HOPE is combined with confidence in your abilities, strengths, and resources, the pathways to obtaining what you really want are limitless! That’s why HOPE is in our name!

Start feeling better as soon as possible—book an appointment with us today!