If you are looking for an expert to guide you and help you resolve problems like anxiety, grief, trauma and substance use, then you've come to the right place!  Together we can help you develop healthier coping strategies and connect with the parts of you that long for freedom and a more purposeful life.  You don't have to do this alone—just call, text, email, or book online to get started!  We look forward to connecting with you!


Panic.  Upset stomach.  Rapid heart beat.  Sweaty palms.  Racing thoughts.  Worrying about the future.  Expecting the worst.  Avoiding social gatherings and events.  These can all be signs of anxiety.  To complicate matters, many people turn to alcohol and/or drugs in order to feel more calm and relaxed.  Unfortunately, the relieving effects of substances are only temporary and actually increase and worsen symptoms of anxiety!

At Best Hopes Brief Therapy Services, we can help you find healthy ways of coping with anxiety, including how to manage and release it completely!  Reach out and feel proud of taking the first step by booking an appointment with our mental health therapist.


Grief and loss can be a painful and devastating experience.  And there are so many types of losses, including: heartbreak, loss of employment, ending a relationship, death of a loved one, changing jobs, retirement, moving to a new place, and divorce. We can help you process your grief and find healthier ways of expressing and releasing the hurt.

If you are experiencing grief/loss, you may be:

  • Struggling to get the emotional support you need to endure the pain of grieving
  • Feeling overwhelmed by the roller-coaster of emotions
  • Worrying your grief is too much for family and friends to handle
  • Tired of people asking when you'll "move on" or "get over it"
  • Stuck in your guilt
  • Wondering what you could have done differently


The grieving process can be very lonely, especially if your loved one dies from alcoholism or drug overdose.  After the funeral is over, family members and friends return to their "everyday lives," and you are left trying to make sense of your loss and "put the pieces back together."  And because there is so much shame and stigma surrounding alcoholism and drug overdose, people might avoid talking about your loved one.  We can help you release feelings of guilt and suffering by having conversations that honor your loved one and reconnect with those aspects that are most cherished. 

Book an appointment wih us today, and begin healing.


Traumatic event(s) can impact your confidence, self-esteem, and ability to trust others.  A history of trauma can also prevent you from enjoying and fully participating in your life.  Perhaps you have been turning to alcohol and/or drugs to numb the emotional pain and suffering caused by trauma.  After all, mind and mood-altering substances can be a powerful way of coping with intense and distressing memories, intrusive thoughts, and/or flashbacks.  Unfortunately, the relief and numbness you seek is only temporary and leads to more problems.             

If you want to discover other healthier ways of dealing with flashbacks and distressing thoughts and memories, we can help.  We take a unique and gentle approach to healing trauma.  We will NEVER ask you to retell the details of traumatic events—this can be re-traumatizing and unnecessary.  Instead, we will explore resilience, signs of strength, and coping abilities that are all too often overshadowed by trauma responses.  Together, we will help you develop new perspectives and re-storying.  Feel empowered and watch your confidence grow!